Lawrence Yule and Malcolm Alexander are vastly experienced governance experts, political lobbyists, change experts, and strategists. 

What we do

We facilitate change-making connections between local and central government, private businesses, and not-for-profit organisations. We create and carry out advocacy strategies to achieve the policy or political outcomes our clients want to achieve. Local government entities know and trust us, so we are the bridge between commercial groups and local authorities – often when they haven’t been able to speak the same language or resolve their issues.

We also support public and private organisations internally, through strategy development, organisational assessments and restructuring, governance and management advice and role facilitation, and conflict resolution management.

Simply put, we’re doers, problem solvers, and change agents acting in your best interest. Everything we do is based on principle, and we are driven by achieving outcomes – not just drawing out the process.

Our Four Specialist Advice Topics

Political and Policy Strategy and Advocacy.

  • Based on our deep experience in policy and law frameworks in both the public and private sectors, we bring a rounded and deep understanding of how policy works in the real world.
  • We know what you need to do to achieve the change you want, and how we can advocate for you.
  • A key part of our advocacy work is managing relationships. We have established enduring relationships and a wide network of influence to deliver meaningful results.
  • We know how to develop a strategy that will align with what you do, what you want to achieve, and with changing governments.

Organisational Assessment and Restructuring.

  • We diagnose local government and commercial organisational issues, and then create a roadmap to solve them.
  • Our support areas can include organisational design, branding, market positioning and more.

Governance and Management Advice, and Day-to-Day Role Execution.

  • We’ve been around the block, and can advise you on what steps to take to see real progress towards your objectives. We also know what won’t fly so we can give you a frank and credible assessment from the outset.
  • When your organisation or business is facing a capacity gap, we have the experience and can-do attitude to step in and quickly achieve organisational continuity.

Conflict Resolution Management and Facilitation.

  • We can help you resolve conflict within your local government or commercial organisation, or with wider stakeholders.
  • We facilitate organisational workshops to make sure your organisation reaches a united agreement on vital decisions and polarising issues.
  • Our support can include performance appraisals, code of conduct development, governance training, and more.

About Yule Alexander

In their respective roles as President and CEO of Local Government NZ, Lawrence Yule and Malcolm Alexander formed a very successful working relationship. 

Through the various projects they worked on together, which included restructuring and re-focussing the organisation for the betterment of the members, their individual skills and experience complemented each other well. In a true partnership, they led a positive, dynamic, and successful change process.

After Lawrence and Malcolm finished their roles at Parliament and Local Government NZ, they spotted a new opportunity. They started Yule Alexander in 2021, to create an offering that provided better value for money in a market where they are well-known and trusted.

Through our years of working together, and significant local government, parliamentary, and commercial experience, we have established a reputation as the people who get things done.

We’ve been around the block in our respective fields. We understand political processes and how the game works. 

We’re astute, experienced, and pragmatic facilitators who give practical advice to get the results our clients need. We know how to manage large groups and multiple stakeholders, and are politically shrewd. We’re able to work with everyone because we have the insight to understand different perspectives. We’re well-connected across the political spectrum, both in Wellington and throughout New Zealand, and have a huge network of skilled experts to call on. 

People, businesses, and organisations call us to work with them because they know and trust us. Now we’re growing our company so we can bring the right expertise and experience to help even more people throughout New Zealand.

What sets us apart

Yule Alexander stands apart from other advocates, through our partnership approach, political connectedness, strategic experience, and honesty.


We partner with our clients in the true sense of the word, and you can trust that we always have your best interests at heart.

We only back projects that we believe in, are proud to put our names behind and can give our all to. We start each project on common ground – with a fundamental agreement that your cause will bring a needed improvement. Then, we figure out the best strategy to move the dial and make a difference.


Public and private organisations see the value in working with us to advance their cause. We pair our experience and networks with political experience and commercial nous.

We have established enduring relationships, particularly in local and central government, to bridge people, businesses, and government with different perspectives.

Experience and Strategy

Simply put, local government and commercial interests work with us because we know what we’re doing. We’ve actually done the work before. We understand real-world processes and are completely independent, so we have the experience to answer your questions and give credible advice in real-time. 

We also recognise the need for taking a long-term approach, particularly with changing local and central governments, and we’ll build that into our strategy.

Trusted and Honest

People across different political backgrounds trust us. They pick up the phone when we call because they know we’re trying to create a solution. We’re not going to play games, we’re upfront and frank, but are also courteous and respectful.

We will always give you honest and credible advice from the get-go, cutting to the chase quickly and potentially saving you a lot of time and money. It’s not our job to lead you down the garden path and charge you for the privilege.

Lawrence Yule partner

Lawrence has extensive governance experience fostering strong relationships with Government Ministers, Members of Parliament, Local Government Mayors and Councillors, business groups, Māori, and the Primary sector.

Lawrence held the office of Mayor of Hastings District for 16 years and was the Member of Parliament for Tukituki for 3 years from 2017 to 2020. He also held the office of President of Local Government New Zealand for 9 years and was Chairman of the Commonwealth Local Government Forum for 6 years.

Between 2012- 2014 he sat on the Treasury Infrastructure Advisory Board and current sits on several charitable trusts. 

Lawrence has a BE (Hons) Canterbury University, is a Fellow of the Institute of Professional Engineers, a Rotary Paul Harris Fellow, and a Member of the Institute of Directors and is a respected advocate and relationship manager. He is a confident public speaker and presenter with significant media experience. 

Malcolm Alexander partner

Malcolm has extensive governance and management experience.

Malcolm holds degrees in law and political studies. He practised commercial, competition, and public law in New Zealand and in London. He graduated from Harvard Business School’s Advanced Management Programme in 2008.

From 2012 until 2020, Malcolm was Chief Executive of Local Government New Zealand and led LGNZ’s management, relationships with its members and external stakeholders, and strategy and policy development.

Between 2004 and 2012 Malcolm was a member of Genesis Energy’s Senior Executive team, where he held the position of General Manager, Corporate Affairs, and was responsible for the company’s external relations, communications, business strategy development, and climate change and sustainability response. Before that, he was General Manager Market Services at M-co Limited and was responsible for governance of New Zealand’s wholesale and retail electricity markets.

He was a member of the Board of the New Zealand Council for Infrastructure Development between 2008 and 2012 and was the Independent Chair of the Telecommunications Carriers’ Forum between 2002 and 2008. He was a Board member of the Aotearoa Circle between 2017 and 2019. He currently is Chairman of The Horowhenua Company Limited which is responsible for economic development programmes in the Horowhenua District.

Recent Strategic Advisory Projects: